10 Benefits Of Mosquitoes: How Are They Helpful To Humans?

Benefits of mosquitoes helpful to humans

Do mosquitoes have any benefits to humans or the world at all? We all know that mosquitoes are usually equal to bad news. Or at least, we suppose they are bad for us. But maybe these insects do have some type of beneficial effect on the planet. So does this disease-spreading, irritating insect have a … Read more

Are Mosquitoes Attracted To Light? (Or Prefer The Dark)

Are mosquitoes attracted to light

Mosquitoes seem to be most active when it is just getting dark, but are they also attracted to light like many other insects? To most of us, it feels like mosquitoes are always around, day or night, light or dark. Some people also say that the clothes you wear make a difference to how attractive … Read more

Does The Male Mosquito Buzz As Much As Female Mosquitoes Do?


We’ve all heard it. The infuriating whine of a mosquito in the room. Whether it’s the buzz of a fly or a mosquito, insect sounds have to be one of the worst types of noise on the planet. Even worse than someone scraping their fingernails slowly along a blackboard. But here’s a question for you. … Read more

Why Do Bananas Attract Mosquitoes?

Do Bananas Attract Mosquitoes

I’m sure many of you have come across a lot articles which mention that bananas attract mosquitoes. That if you eat this tasty fruit mosquitoes will come from far and wide, attracted by the scent of fresh banana. We’ve all heard of unusual and strange ways to attract mosquitoes or to keep them away. Some … Read more

How To Attract Mosquitoes: 13 Ways To Lure & Kill A Mosquito

How To Attract Mosquitoes To Kill Them

You know there is a mosquito in the house somewhere. You want to find it and kill it. But how to attract mosquitoes indoors? What strategy is the most effective, do we set lures? Do we burn the house down to the ground? Do we call pest control to get rid of the little bloodsuckers? … Read more

How Long Do Mosquitoes Live Indoors?

How Long Do Mosquitoes Live Indoors

We have all had them at some point: Mosquitoes inside the house. With no way of getting them out (if you open the window, 10 mosquito friends join the fun), you’re stuck with a blood-sucking and fiercely buzzing terror-machine in your home. But there is always one last strategy to get rid of mosquitoes once and … Read more

Why Do Some Mosquitoes Have Long Legs (Such As A Giant Crane Fly)?

Giant Crane Fly Mosquito Long Legs

You are likely to have seen them trying to fly into your house more than once: Giant long-legged mosquitoes with no understanding of the concept of windows. Some people refer to these mosquito species with huge wings, torso and legs as crane flies, which is actually the name of the most common species of long-legged … Read more

Can A Mosquito Bite Another Mosquito?

Can a mosquito bite another mosquito each other

Cannibalism in mosquitoes, what a fun and exciting topic you chose today! As you and I are well aware by now, a mosquito will try to bite anything that is alive. But what if that biting frenzy goes a bit too far? Can a mosquito bite another mosquito? As you might know, it’s mostly the … Read more

Can A Mosquito Get Drunk If It Bites An Intoxicated Person?

can a mosquito get drunk if it bites a person

It might seem like a question someone would ask who is already a little drunk themselves: Can a mosquito get drunk if it bites a drunk person? Might seem like a logical question, since alcohol is commonly found in the bloodstream of an intoxicated person. But there’s also some deeper, philosophical meaning to it: Do humans pass … Read more

Do Anti-Mosquito Apps Really Work As Repellent? (Proof)


Both the Google Play Store and the iPhone App Store are littered with them: Anti-mosquito apps that would be a repellent to insects, whether they are indoors in your room, or outdoors in your garden. I’ve tested out some of these phone apps, to see if they actually help to repel them effectively. Spoiler alert: Chances are … Read more