Can A Mosquito Get Drunk If It Bites An Intoxicated Person?

It might seem like a question someone would ask who is already a little drunk themselves: Can a mosquito get drunk if it bites a drunk person? Might seem like a logical question, since alcohol is commonly found in the bloodstream of an intoxicated person. But there’s also some deeper, philosophical meaning to it: Do humans pass on a part of themselves to an insect that might bite them?

I’d have to say, when I see a cloud of mosquitoes flying around aimlessly in from of my house, sometimes it almost feels as if they are a bit drunk already. But of course, that’s not true, because those aren’t the ones that usually bite you. You might have noticed that, as a beer drinker, you’re much more likely to get bitten. I’ve tested a whole range of products right here, that can help you fix this problem. Make sure to check out those reviews, it might actually help you drink some evening beer in the garden in peace for once.

Speaking of beer in the garden, the target we are after aren’t actually those massive garden mosquito clouds, but it’s (of course) those female individuals which really seem to be fond of alcohol. On a drunk night out with friends, I got bitten myself. It brought me to an interesting, somewhat philosophical question. I wondered if my blood-sucking friends would have gotten drunk that evening as well. Let’s theorize for a bit here.

Can A Mosquito Get Drunk If It Bites An Intoxicated Person?

Only in theory can you get a mosquito drunk when it bites a drunk person. A mosquito could get drunk off of a drunk person’s blood, but that person would have to drink so much it would kill them. Mosquitos cannot get drunk long. They have a holding pouch that contains enzymes to break down all fluids other than blood.

Especially because of these unique enzymes, mosquitoes are able to withstand a relatively large alcohol percentage in their bodies. There’s a little device that is called an inebriometer, which allows scientists to test this out. The study showed that the sensitivity towards alcohol is quite impressive: Some species were able to cope with up to 60% pure alcohol in ethanol puffs.

The study mentioned used air-puffs, which made our buzzing friends very tipsy, but that’s not the same as biting a drunk person. For that, you need a lot more alcohol inside the person’s blood, at least way more than a mosquito pouch can hold at once. Myth busted, as one of my most favorite Discovery Channel shows would say. But there is something interesting to note about alcohol and mosquitoes: The fact that they might actually be very attracted to beer.

Are Mosquitoes Attracted To Alcohol?

Yes, mosquitoes are certainly attracted alcohol: There are a lot of mosquito species which are attracted to beer. A French study found that the alcoholic equivalent of 3 cans of beer could lead to a significant increase in mosquito bites. Avoiding alcohol consumption can help reduce the number of mosquito bites.

There’s also a fair warning that I should give you here, because the specific species of mosquito that enjoy the smell of beer in the morning, are exactly those that could carry some nasty diseases with them. I’m talking about dengue fever or malaria here. So before you take a few more sips of beer, think twice, because it might not actually the liver-damage that’s going to get you.

Now you might be wondering, why exactly is beer such a good mosquito magnet? It’s more logical than you might think at first. That’s mainly because of the following reasons:

  • Alcohol heats up the average body temperature, making your blood stand out and seem more delicious;
  • Ethanol is often contained in beer, which is something insects love. Sweating ethanol is like screaming ‘bite me’;
  • Dengue- and malaria-carrying species are scent-focused. Beer aroma stands out, so that’s what they go for;
  • Individual factors such as resistance towards drunkness might also contribute to your attractiveness to insects.

So remember, if you might not score a beautiful girl on a long night out, at least there is someone that has fallen in love with you. The females will literally buzz around you in flocks, because beer cán actually make you more attractive. I’m talking about mosquito females, of course. You can even start a long-term relationship with them, if you build them a very effective mosquito beer trap. Let’s check it out.

The DIY Mosquito Beer Trap

This one is a really simple Do It Yourself (DIY) trap that will actually work. It’s called the “DIY Mosquito Beer Trap”, because all we really need for this one is some beer and plastic. To set it all up, please make sure to check out the YouTube video below. All you need is a few simple household items that you’ve probably already got laying around somewhere:

  • An empty plastic soda bottle (as big as possible);
  • Some amazingly sticky duct tape;
  • Some scissors to cut up the soda bottle;
  • And of course some beer! Any variety will do.

Now here is the moment we’ve all been waiting for, and it’s also the moment where the fun part begins. Let’s get a little creative and see if we can make ourselves a DIY trap, shall we? These steps cover what you do with your items. It’s really simple, even a little kid could set this up. And again, if you’re confused at all about any of the steps, the YouTube video above will help clarify things for you. These are the six simple steps for making your DIY mosquito beer trap:

  1. Cut the empty 2-liter or 1-liter soda bottle in half, right in the middle;
  2. Turn the top part upside down, remove the cap;
  3. Place the top part into the bottom part, nose down;
  4. Duct tape that thing together, make sure it’s airtight so nothing can crawl out;
  5. Grab your beer and pour it in, right below the nose of the top;
  6. Set the trap in a place that you think might attract unwanted insects, and wait for evolution to do it’s job.

All done! You just created your first DIY mosquito trap, all from a bunch of trash and half a can of beer. Place your DIY trap on the floor overnight, in a place that has a lot of insects. Let me know the results of this DIY experiment in the comments below this article, that would be really interesting to read. Also, please do let me know if you run into any problems, and I’ll try to answer them for you where I can.

The Urban Myth: Mosquitoes Getting Drunk Off Of Blood

While the question is a very interesting one to ask a friend on a drunk evening, getting drunk off of blood is sadly impossible for any type of insect that wants your blood. Regardless of this fact, as long as human curiosity is peeked, the urban myth will most likely continue to exist. And I’ve got no problem with that, to be honest. I think it’s something fun to theorize about.

It’s also a great conversation starter on a night out, especially if you’ve already got some bug bites yourself. It might even help you pick up those human ladies as well, and not just the mosquito ladies… What do you reckon, do I make a good wingman that suggest conversation starters, or not?

Anyhow, if the DIY mosquito trap you just made falls apart halfway through for some reason, or if you’re simply too lazy to be bothered, I’ve got you covered as well. Because I did my homework on repellant devices already, and I’ve also got some effective mosquito-repelling alternatives for you, which I’ve extensively tested and reviewed here. It might help you to stop asking yourself those philosophical questions and simply go for the practical solution right away. See you on the other side!

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