Are Mosquitoes Attracted To Perfume?

Are Mosquitoes Attracted To Perfume

Mosquitoes and perfume, it’s a smelly story of attraction that never gets old. The scent in certain types of perfumes will definitely influence mosquito behavior, the best choice would be this Victoria’s Secret Bombshell perfume. It’s NOT an attractant at all, but a bombshell of a mosquito repellent! Scents and smells are something that mosquitoes … Read more

Citronella: Mosquito Repellent Plant Or Useless Smelly Candle?

Citronella Candle Mosquito Repellent

If you have ever gone hunting for mosquito repellent, you’re likely very familiar with one key ingredient: citronella. It seems that citronella makes its way into almost every commercial repellent out there, but how effective is it for actually repelling mosquitoes? The answer may surprise you. Despite its vast popularity as a mosquito repellent, citronella … Read more

Can A Table Or Ceiling Fan Repel Mosquitoes?

Mosquito Fan

A lot of people like to use a household table fan to repel or even kill mosquitoes indoors. However, the question is if using a fan to kill mosquitoes can be considered an effective indoor anti-mosquito solution. I’ve put the theory to the test, while simultaneously finding some really cool things to do with the … Read more

Do Tiki Torches Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Do Tiki Torches Keep Mosquitoes Away

Tiki torches are a weird way to keep mosquitoes away, but I was told that it actually works. So I set out and started to do some research on the topic of finding some great outdoor mosquito repellents. In particular, I think it would be fun to zoom in on the tiki torch story. I … Read more

Is Listerine Mouthwash A Good Mosquito Repellent?

Is Listerine Mouthwash A Good Mosquito Repellent

Have you heard about Listerine mouthwash being used as a mosquito repellent? There are lots of old wives’ tales around which tell us about different ways to keep mosquitoes away. Obviously, there’s no perfect mosquito repellent, otherwise, no-one would need to visit this website! But maybe there’s more to Listerine mouthwash than meets the eye. … Read more

Do Dryer Sheets Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Do Dryer Sheets Keep Mosquitoes Away

It’s one of the more interesting natural mosquito repellents: Make your dryer sheets useful in more than one way by using them as an anti-mosquito tool! No mosquito bites ánd freshly washed sheets, what more could a person ask for in life. Makes laundry a lot more fun for everyone (except the insects). This article … Read more

Mosquito Joe Franchise Review: Are They Worth The Cost?

Mosquito Joe Locations Cost Reviews

The Mosquito Joe franchise ranks among the most popular pest control services in the US. However, I couldn’t find a lot of detailed Mosquito Joe reviews online, so using their services was somewhat of a gamble for me. My garden is notorious for housing a large colony of mosquitoes, so I thought the cost of a … Read more

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away At Night: 8 Natural Home Remedies

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away At Night Naturally Home Remedies

Keeping mosquitoes away at night can be difficult, especially if you want to do it in a natural way with a home remedy. If you have ever been outside during the evening or nighttime when the weather is warm, you are no doubt familiar with the frenzy mosquitoes enter after daylight fades. Most mosquitoes in … Read more

The 5 Best Effective Natural Mosquito Repellents For Dogs

Protect Dog From Mosquitoes Best Repellent

We have already discussed that cats can fall victim to mosquitoes, but now we need to address our other favorite furry friends: dogs. If you have a dog that spends any time outdoors during mosquito season, it is important to know the risks mosquitoes pose to your dog and how you can keep them protected. … Read more

Do Mosquitoes Bite Cats? Is Cat Mosquito Repellent Needed?

Cat Mosquito Repellent Do Mosquitoes Bite Cats

When you have a cat, you want to protect it to the best of your abilities. Cats will roam around outside often, making them a vulnerable target for all sorts of diseases and insects. Are mosquitoes included as a possible danger for a cat? Do mosquitoes bite cats or is this a myth? Considering the … Read more