What’s The Best Mosquito Fogger?

A mosquito fogger is a wonderful anti-insect device that creates a fine mist of insecticide solution and water vapor in the air. It’s like a mosquito repellent spray, but on steroids (for extra insect destruction). But what is the best mosquito fogger for the money? I’ve reviewed and tested some of the top insect foggers, so you don’t need to. I’ll also discuss some frequently asked questions about this type of product, so you’ll know the anti-mosquito solution you’re buying is worth it.

While I personally prefer hanging up a decent-quality magnet trap in the yard, the quicker solution will certainly be the insect fogger. There are a few brands that are well known in this vertical. You’ll often hear brands like Black Flag and Burgess as the more popular (and affordable) choices. Other devices, such as Vectorfog, are more expensive, yet have higher effectiveness. Both are considered in this comparison.

Best Mosquito Foggers (Top 5)

1: Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger

Burgess Insect Fogger

Choosing a device that works generally starts with effectiveness and ease of use, but also keeping in mind the overall cost. The very compact Burgess 1443 propane insect fogger is scoring some seriously good overall points on all of these contributing factors. Being one of the better tools for effective mosquito control in your yard, this fogging machine will treat an average of 5,000 square foot in less than ten minutes. What a lovely speed this thing has!

The propane tank makes the device highly portable, without the need for extension power cords or outdoor electricity, you’ll be able to run around killing mosquitoes left and right. From my experience with using this machine, it’s very easy to use and handle. However, I do recommend you to keep children and pets inside, as playing with the insecticide might be somewhat dangerous to them if they inhale too much.

Re-doing the patio about 3 times will give you enough insect-free space to enjoy your summer days outside. You’ll enjoy the effects for multiple days, but when the rain comes, it’s probably a good idea to spray your garden once more. When it comes to refilling the fogger, all you really need to do is put some of this refill liquid in. You’ll be good for multiple summers with regular use of this common brand of fogger insecticide. It’s non-toxic to humans, but if you want to be on the safe side, you could wear a simple respiratory face mask like this. That will filter the air for you, so you’ll never directly inhale the stuff while using your fogger.

Positive aspects:

  • Highly effective against many types of insects;
  • Great value for your money (inexpensive machine);
  • Easy to use and refill;
  • Very portable (propane tank);
  • Very quick and for large gardens too (5,000 square foot in 10 minutes).

Negative aspects:

  • Requires re-applying after every rainstorm;
  • Insecticide can be dangerous to kids or pets in large doses (but that’s common).

Conclusion & Rating:

When it comes to mosquito foggers, the Burgess 1443 propane insect fogger is by far your best option. It’s a highly effective and very affordable device, which helps you keep your patio clean during summer days. It’s easy and quick in its use, while still covering a large garden space. Do be aware it can be dangerous to use around children and pets. Wear a respiratory mask just in case. The Burgess device get’s a well-earned score of 4.8/5.

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2: OdoBan Earth Choice 700069-1 Fogmaster Jr. Handheld Fogger

OdoBan Fogmaster Junoir Fogger

Interestingly enough, the Fogmaster Junior has been originally designed as a mold cleaner, but it works even better as a mosquito killer. The machine is used together with a deodorizer (this is the bundle I’m talking about), because the spray can smell quite a bit without it. It’s a nice looking electronic handheld device that has multiple settings. You can change the output from a fine mist, to a more concentrated form of spray, which is very useful depending on the situation you’re using this OdoBan machine in.

The main reason this machine didn’t reach the first place, is due to the pricing (you can check the price on Amazon here). But the results are well worth it, because the Fogmaster is even more effective than the Burgess. The little turning knob on the front regulates the output, which provides you with full control over the reach and pesticide use. It’s done in a few minutes, which is to be expected from a bigger device like this.

You do need to stay near a power source at all times, due to the machine having a power cord. Using the fine mist setting (the most commonly used) this is no problem at all. But do be aware that you can’t run around with it a lot. You don’t need propane refills with this machine, which is great and a lot more environmentally friendly. What is required, is the organic pesticide. I used Bonide in my test (this required refill is sold by the gallon here), it’s one of those “dump it in all types of foggers”-pesticide, which makes it easy to use on all types of devices.

Overall, the patio will be clean in like three minutes, and you don’t need to run around with it at all. A perfect machine with perfect results, and it cleans your mold in the process. My walls look great again, thanks OdoBan. That also means, you shouldn’t really breathe it while you pump out the mist, so be careful with kids and pets again.

Positive aspects:

  • Highly effective against insects ánd wall mold;
  • No propane (which is cheaper in use);
  • A large number of useful settings;
  • Easy to use despite many settings (single turning knob).

Negative aspects:

  • Short power cord means reach is limited;
  • A bit on the expensive side (yet cheaper in long-term use).

Conclusion & Rating:

The settings on the OdoBan Earth Choice 700069-1 Fogmaster Jr. handheld fogger (that’s a mouthful) make this the perfect mosquito killing device for any yard. The machine allows you to clean your patio from mosquitoes and wall mold in just a few minutes, simply by putting it on fine mist setting and letting it run. Requires a power cord, but no propane as a result. What a beast this is, but also on the expensive side: 4.5/5.

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3: Black Flag 190095 Propane Insect Fogger

Black Flag Propane Insect FoggerAs one of the better-known names in the world of repelling insects, Black Flag’s flagship product (you see what I did there) is certainly the Black Flag 190095 propane insect fogger. The compact fogging device runs on propane, making it perfect for wireless use.

While I personally didn’t have a lot of issues with this particular product, these customer reviews will occasionally tell a different story. Some people are having trouble making the device work out of the box, while others manage to set the thing on fire. The one thing I could find myself in, which is also very prevalent from multiple customer reviews, is the fact that the handle is sometimes hard to compress (to release the fog).

The good thing about these types of foggers is that they do the job in only a few minutes. For the Black Flag, this will usually come down to about 5 minutes. You can be even faster if you choose the larger canister, of which there are two options for this particular product. Another very nice thing about this device, is the fact that it’s pretty cheap for what you get with it just straight out of the box.

If you’re looking to refill the pesticide fog that you’ll need to spray around, Black Flag has their own official brand of refill liquid. Do be aware that you don’t want to inhale these substances too much, and you should keep the concentrated fumes away from children and pets as well. As mentioned several times in this article, you could opt to wear a respiratory mask in front of your nose and mouth while using the machine.

Positive aspects:

  • Great value for the money;
  • Very effective and gets the job done;
  • Works with two types of canisters.

Negative aspects:

  • Some people have trouble using it out of the box;
  • The handle can be difficult to press.

Conclusion & Rating:

The most well-known mosquito fogger brand is another good choice, although there are better alternatives. Some people experience problems with using these Black Flag foggers, which I personally didn’t (except for the handle pressing). The device does the job quickly and effectively, which is pretty much all you could ask for. Due to the few downsides it has, it’s going to be a score of exactly: 4/5.

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4: Vectorfog C20 Electric Insect Fogger

Vectorfog C20While the performance of the Vectorfog C20 Insect Fogger is ten steps above than the other devices discussed, the tricky part for the Vectorfog is the pricing. The handheld machine ranks among the best performing fogging devices out there, the investment is a decent bit higher than the other ones. Feel free to check the price here, so you’ll know what I mean.

Straight up, there are zero things wrong with the product itself. It’s possibly the ultimate consumer-focused handheld electronic mosquito fogger on the market. And I don’t throw around those terms quickly, but the C20 more than deserves it. The device can double as a hygiene fogger (mold removal) for areas like hospitals and schools. The nicest part? Vectorfog will stay in close contact with its customers after the sale as well. They genuinely care about your satisfaction, which earns them massive bonus points in my book.

You’re able to target small areas with this machine, but also spread a fine mist in a larger area. It’s a great balance and the Vectorfog C20 is very portable. Apart from that, the design is very slick and intuitive. No leaky parts, no difficult buttons, just a high and low setting. I’d recommend using this refill for the diluted insecticide mist.

Positive aspects:

  • Awesome performance and effectiveness;
  • Great customer service after the sale is completed;
  • Doubles as a mold removal machine;
  • Can target very small areas (but also has a wider spread function);

Negative aspects:

  • Great device, but expensive for the average consumer;
  • Designed as a mold remover, not an anti-mosquito device (and yet it works great).

Conclusion & Rating:

If you’re looking for the ultimate electric mosquito fogger (or happen to have a lot of mold in your walls and ceilings), the Vectorfog is the best option. It’s a classy machine, highly effective, precise and also quick. The only bad thing I can think of is the relatively high pricing, otherwise, this would have been my number one choice. I have to consider the price though, which brings me to the following score: 4/5.

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5: Repel 190397 Propane Insect Fogger

Repel Insect FoggerLast but not least we got a machine that’s very similar to the aforementioned Black Flag fogger. I’m talking about these Repel 190397 propane insect foggers. It’s a high-quality fogging machine that will swoop your patio clean in a matter of minutes. With two options for canisters, the Repel will effectively remove insects from small to medium-sized gardens.

Again, the device is propane-powered, making it highly portable and simple to operate without the need for an outdoor power cord. That’s a big plus for people that lack the ability to use power in their yard. It’s not fun to wire some power extension cables together, I can tell you that.

When it comes to the overall performance of the device, a lot of similarities can be drawn with the Black Flag propane fogger discussed earlier. I suspect that the devices come from the same production company, but they are simply labeled as different brands. This causes the positive and negative aspects of this machine to be practically the same. The only difference being the price of the Repel, which is actually a bit higher. That’s exactly why the score for this high-quality household item is a bit lower overall.

Because similarities with the Black Flag are clear, it will come as no surprise that the fogging mist for this machine can be best done with these Black Flag-branded refills. Other brands are likely to work just as effectively, but I like to be on the safe side for using the fogging mist. Also, make sure again to keep away from children and pets, and wear a protective mask while using the device.

Positive aspects:

  • Very effective and gets the job done;
  • Works with two types of canisters.

Negative aspects:

  • It’s the more expensive version that’s eerily similar to the Black Flag-device;
  • The handle can be difficult to press.

Conclusion & Rating:

To me it seems like this machine is just the more expensive version of the aforementioned Black Flag propane fogger. That’s why I see no point in buying this one over the cheaper Black Flag-option. Despite this, the machine will still do a perfect job and will perform like one of the best mosquito foggers out there. Considering all these things, I’ll only be able to give the following final score: 3.8/5.

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Do Insect Foggers Work For Mosquitoes?

While insect fogger devices are not specifically designed to kill mosquitoes, they are often used as such. Foggers will work using insecticide, substances that are harmful to insects. Since mosquitoes are insects as well, logic dictates that insect foggers will indeed work for mosquitoes.

Do be aware that most of the mosquitoes you kill outside are non-biting males. These are the mosquitoes you’ll find floating around your garden in the evening hours. If you spot some massive mosquito clouds outside, it’s probably time to get them to nirvana with some (safe for non-mosquitoes) pesticide mist.

While the biting females won’t all get harmed (they are a bit more clever than the males), killing the male population will drastically reduce the chances for the females to start the mating process, which is essential to the survival of the mosquito species. Local eradication will certainly not get rid of mosquitoes, yet it will temporarily rid your patio from all sorts of annoying and biting insects, while still protecting your garden plants and flowers.

Mosquito Fogging Effectiveness

The effectiveness of mosquito fogging is mainly seen in the small are you’ve been spraying the fine insecticide mist. This area will be free of insects for hours (or sometimes days), which makes mosquito fogging highly effective. It’s one of the most lethal options for killing large quantities of annoying insects in the yard.

Investing in a good fogging machine will save you a lot of headaches, such as all types of insect bites, or even the ability to enjoy your summer evening on the garden patio. The mosquito foggers discussed in this article are all targeted towards the consumer market, which will often have relatively small areas to cover.

If you’re looking for the best way to remove large amounts of mosquitoes from your yard, I’d say it is between this option, or the mosquito magnet traps, which I discussed in this article. Worth checking out!

Is Fogging For Mosquitoes Safe?

Mosquito fog is generally considered safe. The fine mist will be heavily diluted by the water in the insecticide and the fog that will be spread through the air. While using a mosquito fogging machine, it’s advised to wear a protective mask for nose and mouth. A respiratory protection device will reduce health risks.

The inhaled dosage is very small and absolutely safe for adult humans. However, it’s probably best to not most foggers for more than a few minutes (and it’s not like you’re going to voluntarily stand in the fogging mist). However, just to be on the safe side, it’s generally a good idea to keep children and pets inside when you’re doing your fogging job, but also for about half an hour after the job is done. This way you can be absolutely sure the mist has dilated enough for them to play in the garden again.

It’s also a good idea to avoid letting them dig in the ground or play with toys that have been outside during fogging, without giving them a proper wash. Be a responsible fogger, and remove any commonly used objects in your garden (or cover them with something) before you start doing your job.

What Chemical Is Used For Mosquito Fogging?

Mosquito fogging is usually done with pyrethrins. This is a class of natural, organic compounds that are widely used for pest control. Another natural chemical is called Permethrin (from a group of chemicals called pyrethroids), which is naturally found in chrysanth flowers. These chemicals harm insects, not people.

All the chemicals you will find in fogging devices have an organic, natural source. The dosages are targeted towards insects like mosquitoes, not towards humans. Your body is capable of breaking down the harmful parts of the chemicals in a way that you won’t even notice you’ve come into contact with it.

While I do warm a lot in this article about the safety of children and pets, this is not because the fogging chemicals will harm them: It’s mainly because the might do something silly like opening up the insecticide tank and drink it. Thát’s harmful and unsafe, not the fine mist itself. Although I still won’t recommend breathing in large quantities of it, especially if you work with it for longer periods of time.

Does Fogging Kill Mosquitoes?

Yes, mosquito fogging will quickly kill mosquitoes in your garden. Fogging is a relatively local method of getting rid of mosquitoes in the yard. Foggers work by using fogging concentrates designed to kill mosquitoes. The fogger contains small droplets of insecticide solution, usually 50 microns in diameter or less.

The droplets are what eventually gets the insects, not the water in the mist, but the other chemical substances in there. Usually, the clouds of mosquitoes you’ll see in your garden are males, which will not be the ones doing all the biting. You’ll likely kill a lot of females in the process too, but taking out the non-biting males is not a useless exercise: It stops new mosquitoes from being born.

Does Mosquito Fogging Kill Other Insects?

Mosquito foggers are usually not specifically designed to kill mosquitoes, but are targeted towards insects in general. Mosquito fogging will therefore certainly target and kill other insects in your yard as well. The effects are local and temporary, so damage from insecticides to the local ecosystem will be minimal.

Fogging is not the most garden-friendly option when you wish to target only mosquitoes, that’s why I personally advise people to choose a good mosquito trap (i.e. mosquito magnet), which I tested and reviewed in this article. A magnet trap will literally suck in willing mosquitoes one by one, leaving the non-airborne insects alone (as well as most of the airborne non-mosquitoes).

So if you’re having problems with the fact that you’re spreading insecticides in your garden, harming a lot of other insects, the best solution for you will certainly be the mosquito trap. That solution will be equally effective and will roughly have a similar price level to the fogging machines. Hope that will solve most of your problems!