Best Mosquito Bite Remedy: 15 Effective Home Remedies To Stop The Itch!

You’ve been bitten. But what is the best mosquito bite remedy? Is there a simple home cure for your problem? Let me share a few secrets about stopping that mosquito bump itch. My grandmother thaught some of these solutions to me, that’s how you know they work. It’s much less complicated than you might think.

Before we even start, please don’t start scratching those bumps, that will only make things worse. Instead, I’d prefer if you take some of the bite cures in this article to heart. Pick your favorite bug bites solution from the list and do let me know what worked best for you. These will also work for no-see-ums or other stingy insects!

Mosquito Bite Relief (Easiest Cure)

In order to successfully cure mosquito bites, the easiest remedy is to purchase some mosquito bite cream or bite relief products and apply it to your skin. Here are a few examples of common effective cures that actually work:

  1. Japanese Mopidick: Asia knows best, and Mopidick is the ultimate mosquito bite solution. Also, the name is great to remember. Who doesn’t want to rub some Japanese Mopidick on their skin? I sure do. This is my number #1 recommendation for professional mosquito bite cures, without a doubt. It’s the best skin lotion you’re going to find on the planet for treating insect bites quickly and effectively. Why are you even still reading? Click on that Mopidick and get some yourself!
  2. Insect sting relief wipes: Disposable wipes that bring instant relief for your skin. It’s easy to bring along on any occasion, and can be used on any type of skin, including children and pets. You’ll get 48 Safetec wipes on this particular set, which should pretty much get a family through the summer (with normal usage);
  3. Mosquito bite cream: This cream from the Mitigator-brand will give you a summer without itches or pain. Don’t even attempt to scratch your skin, just scrub with some Mitigator ointment and be done with that itch or infection forever. It’s also a great product to prevent any type of blisters of scars on the skin;
  4. Bite Helper pen: This pen is a great and user-friendly design and will work on any insect bite. You’ll get some instant itch-relief for the entire family. The pen is very easy to bring on a nature trip, or any type of outside activity you’re bringing your family with. It’s designed so children can use it as well, which is great for your little ones.

The above solutions will be pretty much all you need for an itch-and-pain-free summer. Choosing a professional insect bite treatment solution will almost always be better than a home remedy, no matter how enthusiastic your friends and family might be about pouring aloe vera gel on your skin. In order to be complete, I do want to introduce you to some of the most commonly used home remedies for mosquito bites.

Obviously I understand you might be landing on this page after the fact: That is, you might have a mosquito bite RIGHT NOW. That’s where the home remedies will give you some temporary relief. Spoiler alert: My personal favorite household solution is the good old ice pack. Simple, effective and also a great way to cool down during the warm summer months!

Home Remedies For Mosquito Bites

It might be true that you aren’t able to wait a day or two for bite relief products to be delivered to you, which makes using a home remedy all the more relevant. There are some great ways to instantly relief mosquito bite pain or itch using some home remedies. Different types of household products you might have lying around can help out here:

  • Ice packs: Simply get yourself a sturdy air-tight plastic bag and put it inside a large washing cloth. Get ice cubes and throw them in there. Put that on your insect bite, it’s nice and cold and will provide a good temporary distraction for your skin. As an alternative for ice cubes, you can buy some decent gel ice packs such as these. While usually used for injuries, these will also work great for relieving your mosquito bites;
  • Oatmeal: Discovered some bug bites during breakfast? Pour some oatmeal on it. Might sound a bit crazy, but the antioxidants in oatmeal will be able to reduce inflammation or irritation without a problem. Two options: add oatmeal to a bath, or make a paste from it. To make the paste, add equal parts of water and oatmeal in a bowl. Place on a paper towel and put the oatmeal paste on the bite;
  • Baking soda: Adding some sodium bicarbonate (better known as baking soda) to a mosquito bite will provide instant relief to the skin. Similar to oatmeal paste, baking soda is made with similar parts water and paste, add to a paper towel and apply to the bite on the skin. It’s probably better to use the paste version, as baking soda isn’t the best thing for a bath in the longer term;
  • Aloe vera: The classic solution to any skin problem is the aloe vera plant, which can be used in many different ways to provide solace for the skin. The gel in the aloe vera plant has anti-inflammatory properties, which is perfect to treat mosquito bites, or any insect bite on the skin for that matter. Some people also use the gel to reduce inflammation on insect bite scar tissue, which is another use for this plant. If you do not have an aloe vera plant in your house (or don’t feel like butchering one), you can also purchase the gel on Amazon. It’s very affordable, and this natural remedy can be used for many different skin problems;
  • Basil: Great in Italian dishes, and a good scent to repel mosquitoes. Rubbing some basil plant juice on your skin will provide a nice relief, but it will also prevent other mosquitoes from biting you. Basil is a natural mosquito repellent when applied on the skin, which is something many people don’t know about. But there are more cooking ingredients you can use to solve your itchy problems;
  • Vinegar: This might be hard on your clothes, so be careful when applying it to the wound. I recommend you to choose apple cider vinegar such as this one, in order to ensure maximum bite relief. Vinegar is a natural product, so it should be fine to apply to anyone’s skin. However, it is quite a fluid material, so it can easily come off and will, therefore, wear out quickly. Apply some apple cider vinegar on a paper towel and hold it to your bite wound.
  • Honey: Sweet as sugar, but the who would have thought one stinging insect would save you from the other one, right? Apply some honey on the wound and it will have an antibacterial effect. The best idea is to use raw honey, as this will reduce the inflammation of the skin in the most effective way. Again, it’s a temporary solution;
  • Toothpaste: The good old acne cure also works on insect bites. The freshness of toothpaste will provide instant relief. And who knows, perhaps your skin will get clean if you rub it in good enough… Any type of toothpaste will do, as the active ingredients are similar across all kinds of toothpaste. Run to your bathroom right now and put it on there;
  • Lemons or limes: We all know that plants and scents that resemble lemons will repel a mosquito like no other. Rubbing some of the fruit juice from these common citrus fruits on your skin might sting a bit at first, but will provide a decent amount of pain and itchiness relief. Do be aware that it will smell like no other, and be careful not to make stains on your clothing either.
  • Garlic (or onion): Oh boy, this is going to leave a nasty smell. But if you’re somehow in an empty house and all you have is a mosquito and some garlic, you use that garlic to treat your bite wounds. Simply rub it on your skin. It’s not the best treatment you can imagine, but it works, and that’s ultimately what counts. Same goes for Mr. Onion of course;
  • Salt: Table salt will provide an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect on any mosquito bite. You can combine it with a bit of water to create a homemade paste, which you can dip in with a paper towel. Put the salty (and wet) paper towel on your bite wound. It’s something that should provide some temporary itch relief, but it won’t last for hours.

Obviously, these home remedies are mostly temporary cures to your mosquito bites, as none of them will really work for longer periods of time. And usually, you’re going to make a mess in the process. I’d recommend you pick one of the professional mosquito bite relief products from the list at the top of this article, which are all proven to work against insect bites or itchiness.

Using Home Remedies To Cure Your Skin

Natural and quick bite relief is a great thing, but it won’t always be the most durable cure for your skin, both in terms of itchiness and pain. It’s not that I have any type of distrust for homemade cures, but they just won’t last long-term, but you also need to be very aware of the fact that most people don’t know how to properly use certain household products. The brief advice provided on the internet is usually incomplete or too unclear for the average person to apply correctly.

While all of the home remedies described here will work, chances are most people will have the best success with some of the ‘real bite relief products’. These products all have clear instructions provided with them, as well as being designed in a way that’s simple to understand and use. So if you’d ask me, try your home remedy for quick relief, but stock up on the more professional solutions for the longer term, in order to make sure you have something ready at all times.