What Do Male Mosquitoes Eat?

What Do Male Mosquitoes Eat Diet

Whenever I tell people the story about the male mosquito diet, people are amazed. It’s very rare that I find someone that knows what male mosquitoes eat. I’m both at war with these creatures as much as I am fascinated by them, so this seems like a good opportunity for learning about what’s for dinner … Read more

Mosquito Lifespan:
How Long Do Mosquitoes Live?

Mosquito Lifespan

During mosquito season, it can be hard to imagine an end to all the flying pests who are terrorizing you and your family. When mosquitoes are constantly harassing you, their lifespan can seem impossibly long. If you’re curious about how long a mosquito can live to terrorize you, I have the answers. The first thing … Read more

Do Birds Eat Mosquitoes?

Do Birds Eat Mosquitoes

Birds are natural mosquito killers. They eat mosquitoes by the thousands. Many species of birds will eat mosquitoes as a major part of their diets. However, only when mosquitoes are around, because they do not live all year round. Mosquitoes tend to go away during winter time in most regions of the world. Birds always get … Read more

Do Mosquitoes Have Teeth?

Mosquito Teeth Number

Mosquitoes bite, so it makes sense that these insects have teeth to bite you with. In the mind of an uninformed person, this would make a lot of sense. However, mosquitoes don’t bite with their teeth, so there is no number of teeth required for them to survive or reproduce. The confusion about this issue … Read more

Do Mosquito Hawks Eat Mosquitoes?

Do Mosquito Hawks Eat Mosquitoes

Ever seen one of those giant mosquito hawks flying around? They look pretty dangerous, don’t they? A mosquito hawk (they are also known as ‘mosquito eater’ or ‘crane fly’) could and would probably eat smaller mosquitoes in a heartbeat! I was really curious if this rumor was actually true: Do mosquito hawks really eat blood-sucking … Read more

How Long Does A Mosquito Live After Biting Someone?

How long does a mosquito live after biting someone

Mosquitoes have a relatively short lifespan, of which the female mosquito mainly spends her time trying to bite someone. Her adult life will take just a few weeks, but she’ll live longer than the males. But let’s say a mosquito starts biting someone, will it die immediately? How long does a mosquito live after a … Read more

Do Mosquitoes Sleep During The Day?

Do Mosquitoes Sleep During The Day

Mosquitoes are active at night, so do they sleep during the day? Does a mosquito actually sleep at all, or do they just keep being annoying around the clock? The answer to these questions might surprise you. Their sleep preferences are more similar to other insects than you might imagine. Millions of years of evolution … Read more

Where Do Mosquitoes Lay Their Eggs? Do They Breed In Water?

Where Do Mosquitoes Lay Their Eggs

Mosquitoes are absolutely everywhere these days. They tend to reproduce quickly, but where do mosquitoes lay their eggs? It’s one of those questions that seem so simple, but people struggle with understanding this a lot. If you’re unfamiliar with the fact that mosquitoes usually breed in standing water, don’t worry. Lot’s of people don’t know … Read more